Translator since 1991:

PhD English Exam, 'Excellent'
Certificate (in Russian, pdf)

For SWELAT Translation Agency since 1991
Labour Contract (in Latvian, pdf)

Also for Baltija NS, LT Konsults, etc.
Entry in Work Record Card (in Latvian, pdf)

Freelancer since 2002

Taxpayer's Certificate, Translation Services:
Year 2003 (in Latvian, pdf), Year 2015 (in Latvian, pdf)

Higher School of Social Technologies, Translation Department,
2003-2005 Academic Record (in Latvian, pdf)


Igors Kreknins TM-Town Profile

Guide-Interpreter since 1989:

For Intourist since 1989
ID Card (in Russian, pdf)

For Baltic Tours since 1990
Labour Contract (in Russian, pdf)
Labour Contract (in English, pdf)

For Fremad Riga (Danish Travel Agency) since 1993
Certificate of Competence (in Latvian, pdf)